Animal Instinct Pet Sitting Service grew out of a  need my own family has
experienced many times.
I have often been in the position of wishing I had a reliable person to run in and
walk or feed my two dogs if I needed to be gone for an extended day. Knowing
that I had a reliable dog walker or pet sitter to come in and care for my pets on
those days would have been a wonderful thing!
Our family has also adapted to bringing our pets with us on vacations  - we have
tried leaving our dogs with family or  boarding them in kennels, and that just
was not the answer for us.

Some dogs do wonderfully in kennel situations, others suffer, lose weight and
become stressed and depressed. Our Mini Schnauzer, Cali, is one of those more
sensitive dogs.  Although we boarded her at top notch facilities, we  always
returned to find she had lost weight, and just looked wiped out and sad. Long
ago, we vowed never to do that to her again.

Animal Instinct Pet Sitting offers customized, professional pet care for pets who
need more personalized care when you are away.
My committment is not only in keeping your pet(s) safe, but calm, content, and
happy as well.
Before you leave your pet in my care, I will make sure that I know the little things
that will make him or her feel relaxed and content at home.

Pet Sitting includes a variety of services beyond vacation care.  At Animal
Instinct Pet Sitting, we are able to provide daily dog walking and feeding while
owners are at work  or just spending a day away. We will check in on your home
while you are away; thereby providing added security and peace of mind.

Some important benefits of using a Pet Sitting Service include:

  • Dog(s) and cat(s) maintain their routine while you are away
  • No exposure to kennel cough and other contagious diseases and parasites
  • Dogs get exercise and one-on-one time each day
  • You get a daily email or you can phone me to hear how they are doing
    (a priceless advantage for your peace of mind)
  • Not imposing on friends and family, which can be an unwanted chore for
  • Knowing that any emergency will be handled professionally and

Some important benefits of a Dog Walking Service are:

  • Individually  timed walks to help reinforce housebreaking
  • Extra walks for elderly pets or puppies
  • Socialization and exercise to promote good physical and mental health
  • Provide an opportunity to run, play and practice basic training and positive
  • Gives crated dogs time to stretch, eat, drink and play
serving Northern Westchester
"Dogs are not
our whole life,but
they make our
lives whole
~ Roger Caras
"We can judge
the heart of a
man by his
treatment of
~ Imanual Kan
"The average
dog is a nicer
person than the
average person"
~Andrew A.
Owner: Nancy Kaplan
(914) 907-9959